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The Beginning


The history of coffee cultivation and roasting goes back more than 100 years at the Ruiz Galindo Family Coffee Roasting Hacienda. It's one of North America’s oldest family owned and operated coffee bean growers and our story begins in 1888. In the tropical sun of enchanting Veracruz, Mexico the Ruiz Galindo family has been handcrafting its magical coffee to captivate and inspire the human spirit. The magic is expressed in our refined, ultrapremium Arabica coffee, with seductive aromas and layered flavors.

Veracruz is one of the largest coffee-growing region in Mexico.
In 1936, Antonio Ruiz Galindo purchased this magnificent property where the Hacienda resides and generations of the Ruiz Galindo family have meticulously maintained the Hacienda and its coffee-growing, milling and roasting operations ever since. 

The proven, all-natural coffee-farming techniques used to cultivate the evergreen coffee plants have been refined and perfected over the past 75 years. To this day, coffee beans are handpicked and gently roasted in small batches to produce the premium coffees offered by the 1888 Coffee Company. 

The 1888 Coffee Company currently harvests and processes up to 60,000 70kg-sized bags of green coffee annually, with the capacity to meet increased production. The superbly roasted coffee beans are mountain grown, meticulously prepared, and delivered to you by the 1888 Coffee Company. 

Hacienda Las Animas  

The historic hacienda has been a host to friends, dignitaries and politicians since 1875, as well as home to generations of the Ruiz Galindo family.  
Now the center of the 1888 Coffee Company, the treasured legacy of quality coffee production reverberates within its walls. Though the mill and roasting facility is formally used only for small batch production, the proven, all-natural coffee farming techniques founded here are employed throughout the operation. 

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Hacienda estate in Veracruz, MX Then & Now
Armando Ruiz Galindo Jr.
Antonio Ruiz Galindo with King Haile Selassie of Ethiopia

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